Monday, February 18, 2019

Last day GBBC

 I decided to go lazy today,not wanting to count everything like the lake or park on this dreary day. I aimed just for the feeders.

Typical as it has been at the feeders all winter,the usual suspects ruled. There was one bird "dressed" for the occasion. This was the Red bellied Woodpecker. I could see well a deep reddish color on the bird's belly; it's head look bright red as well. I guess it's ready for the breeding season, so an early start helps. The Red bellied out did the two GRACKLES, Red winged Blackbirds and Fox Sparrow.

Here's my list

Karen O'hearn had a nice spectacle at 230 pm. She spotted a flyover Bald Eagle chased by close number of 50 Fish Crows,heading south southeast over Prospect Lake. Not everyday one sees that!