Saturday, February 9, 2019

Prospect lake late afternoon "duckversity"

After my respite from my wind blown morning,I decided to visit prospect lake to see what the wind might've blown in
 It did.

First distant looks had me suspecting Red breasted Merganser and likely Ring Necked ducks.I already identified Hooded MERGANSERS in the lake center.So wanting to verify my sightings,it was best to get closer

At the Hammerhead peninsula,I was right about the Ring neckeds. A drake pair appears from the confides of Three Sisters.Prospect just had to outdo the lone Greenwood Cemetery bird I found earlier. The pair even joined up with the Hooded Mergansers.

But I wasn't satisfied.I still needed to verify the Red breasted. Getting to the east side of Three Sisters it took me ten minutes,but soon enough the drake Red breasted Merganser showed up while I was being batted by the still irksome winds.