Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Wednesday's notables in Prospect

It's getting closer to the Christmas Bird Count only a week and half away and getting good birds makes or breaks the day list (we like to brag) . Today three good birds for Prospect would be at least save birds, the only species on the overall Kings tally if they stuck around.

Ring necked Ducks is one of those species. Given that Kings County does not have that much freshwater, any duck that's rare for the Lake is going to make it great for the count. I spotted two drake Ringneckeds by West Island this morning.Another later report had them by Three Sisters Islands.

Image result for wilsons warbler artThen a birding group I didn't recognized spotted the very tardy WILSONS WARBLER in its usual location  since the late fall. Seen on the slope adjacent to the Well Drive three green shipping containers, the bright bird would be a terrific species for the CBC. Ed Crowne gave me the second hand report after speaking with the group.

Then Ed Crowne himself spotted a good one at the active feeders. An EASTERN TOWHEE popped out for Ed, just letting me know that my Prospect south team should be on the lookout for all three species.

Stick around guys till the 14th!