Wednesday, March 28, 2018

3 Loons continue

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Red-Throated Loon, Common Loon, Arctic Loon
According to Linda Ewing this morning, the 3 RED THROATED LOONS continue to grace Prospect waters.

The loons though together at times sees one straggling off to feed in the south Lullwater past the Terrace Bridge, near the rink, close to Teacup Island.

Meanwhile, the next Island is the locale where Will Pollard spotted PINE & YELLOW RUMPED WARBLERS via his tweet.

 Matt Beck mentioned a few BROWN CREEPERS around.

In the early afternoon, the Terrace Bridge was a good vantage point to see on the side side two resting Redthroated Loons and 7 WOOD DUCK. The Wood Ducks- 4 drakes, 3 hens came out of the curved area. Matt Beck noted it to me the species 10 minutes before, where he mentioned also 3 RING NECKED DUCK in the Lullwater.

On a distressing note, again with fishing line, one of the loons looks like it has fishing line on /in its bill. We'll tend to it Thursday , but if the loon can still fly, its hard to rescue .

The irresponsible pollution and easily discarded or broken fishing line poses great dangers to waterfowl. Its an issue that should be bought up loud and clear to park authorities.

Update: on my way home Upper Pool held 5 RINGNECKED duck,3 drakes,2 hen