Sunday, March 11, 2018

eBird Checklist – Prospect Park--Prospect Lake, Kings County, New York, US – Sun Mar 11, 2018 – 14 species

It's nice to get the extra hour in the late afternoon when the sun hilights Prospect lake's waterfowl.Good reports of late seem ideal to visit the lake after a family day earlier.

As reported earlier,the RED THROATED LOON hung around. I didn't find it immediately but about 540, it surfaced in the lake east section; I watched it wade towards the center.

Meanwhile,duck variety also made my visit worthwhile. Near the West island gazebo,5 RING NECKED DUCKS slept through my whole time; I muttered "sleepyheads". 4 HOODED MERGANSERS,the single drake RED BREASTED MERGANSER,and a pair of BUFFLEHEADS joined in. It seems like all the shovelers left.

On my way out,I spotted the GREAT BLUE HERON perched quietly on the West Island snag.