Tuesday, March 6, 2018

An inexperienced warbler

I got to see the Terrace Bridge Pine Warbler.On my way to refill the bird feeders after work before the storm hits,Daisy Paul pointed out the bird.

Using the bridge's railing like its walkway, the first year drab bird was seeking insects within the railing's ( or balustrade as Janet S termed it) cracks. Later after I refilled the feeders, Tripper Paul pointed out the warbler- in the same spot-- before it ventured to a scraggy small mulberry tree growing out of the bridge's foundation; behind here the warbler also prowled. At one point during my double visit,a GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLET passed thru the mulberry. I have to wondered: will this early young Pine warbler survive the the impending storm? Will inexperience jeopardize it? Let's hope for the best.

Janet Schumacher reported CEDAR WAXWINGS at the feeders earlier in the day. This is the first report I heard of this species feeder visitation. While I saw Redwing Blackbirds,a COMMON GRACKLE,RED BELLIED WOODPECKER,WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH,no WAXWINGS for me.Its been a subpar year for the feeders but for some it is appreciated regardless.

Prospect lake continues to hold HORNED GREBE and RED BREASTED MERGANSER. Yesterday near Duck Island,I observed 5 WOOD DUCKS& 3 HOODED MERGANSERS.

10 EUROPEAN GOLDFINCHES reported by Marc Brawer this morning.

On a rare note,at BUSH TERMINAL PARK ,an ICELAND GULL surfaced.That bird appeared near the park entrance,in the water per Gus Keri.

Batter down the hatches! Another storm brewing. Will American Woodcock make the same mistake last year?