Saturday, March 17, 2018

Double dose of loon

Two RED THROATED LOONS on Prospect Lake ,a rarity in itself for the number,topped the waterfowl vaiety today.

I saw one of the loons but Marc Brawer reported seeing the two. Perhaps later I'll look up the records.

The usual variety of ducks kept steady from the past week. The continuing RED BREASTED MERGANSER for the past month could be seen well. When I showed some folks the bird thru my scope,it was next to a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS.The latter totaled three as I found another seperate hen.Two WOOD DUCKS at Duck Island and a single drake RING NECKED DUCK near them rounded off the duck parade. RUDDY DUCKS was the dominant species with about 85 birds.

Later I found a pair RING NECKED DUCK aside from the lake. This pair was diving at Upper Pool. A gorgeous pair I enjoyed watching.