Thursday, March 1, 2018

Save Ridgewood Reservoir: Ridgewood Reservoir Public Meeting *Location Corrected*

If you are a birder who know birds need critical habitat right here in our Brooklyn backyard,support saving Ridgewood reservoir from developers. Let's get it designated protection.

Go to the meeting. Steve Nanz is leading the charge. Contact him for more info.


write a letter . Comments due by March 22to the NYSDEC.

I will post later details on the letter .

Let's ALL Save Ridgewood Reservoir!

Ridgewood Reservoir Public Meeting

Monday, March 5th, 2018 @ 7 PM
Redeemer Lutheran School - 
6926 Cooper Ave Glendale, NY
*(Use door #3 69th Place)

Join us to make your voice heard to protect the Ridgewood Reservoir’s unique ecology. The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposed Ridgewood Reservoir wetlands delineation. NYC H2O encourages all Ridgewood Reservoir neighbors and enthusiasts to attend this meeting and speak in favor of the wetlands designation.

DEC has found that “The majority of the western basin (Basin 1), as well as the majority of the southern half of the western basin (Basin 
3) contain forested wetlands that are seasonally flooded. The majority of central basin (Basin 2) contains open water, surrounded by emergent wetlands…” The comment period on the wetland designation starts today and will close on March 22nd. A copy of DEC's The Ridgewood Reservoir Wetlands Report is available for download here.

Comments should be emailed to or mailed to: 
Regional Administration, Region 2
47-40 21st Street
Long Island City, NY 11101-5401
Attn: Ken Scarlatelli