Monday, April 28, 2014

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Was home sick today but got out of bed for the Bittern and ended up staying out all day. Other than that and the Prothonotary, my highlights were a Louisiana Waterthrush that popped up while I was watching the Prothonotary and a Least Flycatcher at the Maryland Monument. Also a late accipiter far overhead, probably a Sharp-shinned.
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Observer: joshuamalbin
2014-04-28 11:38
Prospect Park
Protocol: Traveling
2 Miles
340 Minutes
Observers: 1
All birds reported? Yes
    X    Canada Goose     
    X    Mute Swan     
    2    Wood Duck     
    X    Mallard     
    10    Ruddy Duck     
    1    Double-crested Cormorant     
    1    American Bittern    first reported by bobbi, seen by many. 
    1    Great Blue Heron     
    2    Great Egret     
    1    Sharp-shinned/Cooper's Hawk    high overflight. characteristic accipiter shape but far too high to make judgments about size. presumably a sharp shinned. 
    5    Laughing Gull     
    2    Ring-billed Gull     
    4    Herring Gull     
    X    Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)     
    12    Mourning Dove     
    14    Chimney Swift     
    1    Belted Kingfisher     
    4    Red-bellied Woodpecker     
    7    Downy Woodpecker     
    2    Hairy Woodpecker     
    4    Northern Flicker     
    1    Least Flycatcher    maryland monument. 
    3    Blue-headed Vireo     
    2    Warbling Vireo     
    X    Blue Jay     
    4    Northern Rough-winged Swallow     
    15    Tree Swallow     
    10    Barn Swallow     
    3    Tufted Titmouse     
    1    White-breasted Nuthatch     
    3    House Wren     
    6    Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     
    1    Ruby-crowned Kinglet     
    2    Hermit Thrush     
    X    American Robin     
    X    European Starling     
    1    Louisiana Waterthrush    popped up while watching the PROWA, same spot. 
    3    Black-and-white Warbler     
    1    Prothonotary Warbler     
    2    Yellow Warbler     
    14    Palm Warbler     
    2    Pine Warbler     
    54    Yellow-rumped Warbler     
    1    Black-throated Green Warbler     
    1    Eastern Towhee     
    5    Song Sparrow     
    12    White-throated Sparrow     
    X    Northern Cardinal     
    X    Red-winged Blackbird     
    X    Common Grackle     
    3    Brown-headed Cowbird     
    4    American Goldfinch     
    X    House Sparrow       
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