Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nature keeps repeating itself

Here in Prospect Park, nature keeps repeating itself. PAINTED BUNTING at the Rink , BLACKHEADED GULL(BHGU) at the west shore or northwest Prospect Lake.The continuity keeps going on.

The PAINTED BUNTING during the morning (RBate) was reported at the north side of the steam pipes or ice making machinery of the Rink rooftop; the BLACK HEADED GULL was reported at the west shore 12;49  till I got another text message note it flew out farther into the lake 12:54. Word I received is the BHGU comes back and forth , showing up between 11am and 1 pm. ( Observers Kathy Toomey , Jean Shum, Gus Keri)

How much longer do we have to see this dynamic duo repeat their appearances? As long as we here at Prospect Park like it.