Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Today in Prospect

Both rarities continue today, the top bird PAINTED BUNTING in the usual Rink green roof locale.Meanwhile the BLACK-HEADED GULL (BHGU) is more erratic with its schedule.

This morning the BHGU was a no show, despite a search  by me and some other birders later. But on my lunch hour I figure let me check again. Scanning the water gulls, I saw negative sign of the BHGU. But not realizing right away to check the shoreline, bingo !  There is the BHGU on the shoreline just 100 feet south of the red rescue ladder ( for ice rescues) near the Well Drive/West Lake Drive T junction.

So the task is to keep checking that section of the lake for the gull even if you don't see it earlier in your birding day.