Sunday, December 20, 2015

the day after

I needed to rest today after the grueling all day Xmas count that my feet and back bore 9.25 miles walking in the park.So a late start for a casual stroll for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden seemed harmless enough on my poor back.

I stopped by Prospect lake to see what's around especially now it's count week till Tuesday.AT least one rarity is sticking around .The usual time noontime slot-- like punctuality for this bird--the BLACKHEADED GULL continued, yes ,seen about 1:20 .First it was on the west lake shore near the red ladder. Then the flock flew and landed a short distance offshore with the rare gull settling in.

I heard after my return passing thru the green roof  in late afternoon from the Garden the Painted Bunting persists. Good news for latecomer  birders but even with the upcoming warm spell,we know winter snow is coming and this bird better skedaddle. We got ya for the count,bird, now fly south!

Also, both RINGNECKED DUCKS- save birds for the count( prospect only location having them) stayed and dove in the tight cove at West Island.

At the fireman tower towering over the BBgarden Empire Blvd entrance,two Redtailed hawks perched, one at the top,the other halfway down.Great views I bet.

An interesting report I noted in the bird trax Ebird on the left sidebar.A Lark Sparrow was reported at East River Park.I believed this park is in Green point,Brooklyn.