Monday, December 28, 2015

the twelve days of christmas ?

I am tempted to rephrase the words of the song the Twelve days of Christmas. That is , substitute the subjects of the lyrics with good birds seen in Prospect Park the last few days; of course the numbers wouldn't be there, but one species will do.

On the first day of Christmas ,my true love said to me, an Iceland Gull in ap -pear -ing

On the second day of Christmas, my true love said to me, 22 Snow Geese

On the third day of Christmas ,my true love said to me, 3 views of  REDHEAD!

What's tomorrow gonna be???

Yep, Prospect continues to gift the birders as a rare REDHEAD DUCK showed up this afternoon  on Prospect Lake.I got Karen O'hearns tweet as I was driving home from the holiday weekend, on Ft Hamilton Parkway. As soon as I got home,I rushed to see the Redhead,my favorite duck.

The Redhead was in the north side close to the Peninsula meadow shoreline,hanging out with a single GADWALL and multiple NORTHERN SHOVELERS. Nearby at the east shore of Three Sisters Islands,the long continuing pair of Drake RINGNECKED DUCKS dove constantly. A very good duck collection on Prospect Lake this afternoon for me,I'm happy to receive some terrific bird gifts.

Also, you can't beat seeing the BLACKHEADED GULL in its usual western Prospect Lake spot,thanks to Kathy Toomey spotting it. And a big thanks to Karen O for the Redhead alert.

Also of note, Dan Frazer spotted a lone SNOW GOOSE on the ballfields,now closed off, at the west end of Long Meadow. And yes of course the PAINTED BUNTING persists at the rink green roof,according to Kathy T..

And on the fourth day of Christmas.............