Saturday, December 5, 2015

Painted bunting update Lefrak Lakeside Rink green roof

This morning I ventured over and the first sight i witnessed was the large crowd. I guess there were numerous happy folks.

Stationed or fixed at one location, the crowd of birders ,numbering at least 60 at the time that swelled to over 75 by noontime, the PAINTED BUNTING stayed within the southern section of the south slope perimeter of the green roof. It perched a long time in two different shrubs one near a small pine,the other next to the wall uphill. It stuck out very prominently in the sunlight. After a long spell in that section,it flew to another favored spot in the brush farther south between the East Drive chain link and the Bridle trail.

Anyone coming for the bird should simply look for the birder mob and ask where it is. Sensibly there is no need to ask: a large clustered group,trained binoculars and there's the bright " crayola" bird.

Meanwhile ,I reacted to text message of an ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER.Chris Laskowski reported that WARBLER at the Maryland Monument. We re-found it with help from a few Queens county birders by the green shipping container  at the Terrace Bridge West end.First seen in the mugwort by Tripper, we saw it climb into the tree above the shipping container before flying off south towards the Peninsula sumacs where there is more mugwort.