Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Updates on the Prospect rarities

The dice continues to roll favorably with our two celebrity birds : PAINTED BUNTING & BLACKHEADED GULL.

With far fewer birders milling around, I went to see the Painted Bunting. It seems to be exploring more of the green roof as now the Bunting moved to the far north end of the Rink green roof. As one come up the curvy path to the left of the Lefrak (Lakeside) Center Rink admission entrance, the PAINTED BUNTING fed within a snakeroot stand between the bridle trail and that pedestrian green roof path.This location was close to the East Drive.

The other celebrity bird, BLACK-HEADED GULL is a clockwork bird. Apparently its coming into its favored location the west shoreline of Prospect Lake, by a red ice rescue ladder near the Well Drive/ Lake Drive T junction. About noon, one is best getting this gull if he or she hang out at this opportune time.Get there before noon. The bird was reported first by Jean Shum, then Dale Dancis with Manhattan birders in Twitter tweets to me.