Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The first day of Count week

Three days before and Three days after the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) day is count week. Count week bird is " second place" if a species isn't seen on the count day. Today Prospect enjoyed some good success on the first day of count week with three of four rarities including one out of season rarity.

First the PAINTED BUNTING made the list.Its now always in the north area adjacent the bridle trail in the snake root stand. Hopefully we get this top prize. Please stay on the paths or tell others to do the same as I saw many photographers at that site. At least for Kings County CBC . it would be great if we can count it... Fingers crossed.

Second place is the continuing BLACK-HEADED GULL. It put in a brief visit not so cooperative with its time today , several observers seeing the gull just prior noontime. This is another bird we will have to work hard for my team might having to stake out the location. Fingers crossed....

A big surprise where the absent Orange-crowned Warbler has been frequenting at Well Drive shipping containers slope was GRAY CATBIRD, a rarity for its out of season appearance. It would be a good one for the CBC. Birding maestro Rafael Campos spotted it. Fingers crossed.I had a report from a young birder by the way who said he saw the Orange crowned by the Well Drive picnic tables before it flew off towards the lake shore. fingers crossed,,,,,,

Meanwhile on the lake, a few hopefuls. For a good count bird, 2 RING NECKED DUCKS at West Island, Three PIED BILLED GREBES scattered, and three BUFFLEAHEADS are prizes... yes..fingers crossed.

There was a report of 2 Blue Winged Teal reported on Cornell Ebird ,seen on Prospect Lake but this is a quite rare species for here.IN fact its under review by the Ebird monitor.It would be nice to see a photo....

Fingers crossed all these good birds put in appearances and make Prospect great for this coming Saturday......

Last note: Rob Bate reported MONK PARAKEETS this morning at the Rink green roof area..another nice species for Prospect..