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Brooklyn Birdathon results May 12th

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Congratulations to the Red-eyed Blearios!!!!

Although first-timers Beast of Birdin' made a valiant show, at the end of the day, this team, led by veteran birders ruled the day with an eye-popping 134 species.  Here are the final results:

134 - The Red-eyed Blearios (Heydi Lopes, Shane Blodgett, Mike Yuan, Rob Jett, Josh Malbin, and Chris Eliot)

121 - Beasts of Birdin' (Phil Davis, Kathy Willens, Tim Graves and Ryan Candee)- All Over Brooklyn

120 - Timberdoodlers (Dennis Hrehowsik, Bobbi Manian, Kristin Costello, Tom Preston) - All over Brooklyn

111 - Laughing See Gulls (Karen O'Hearn, Chris Laskowski, Marc Brawer, Richard Payne and Ed Crowne) - All over Brooklyn

85 - Wandering Warblers (Rob Bate, Tracy Meade, Janet Zinn, Alan Baratz, Steve Nanz, Heidi Steiner, Marvin Baptiste) - birded Prospect and Green-wood

79 - Catbird and Robin (Daisy and Tripper Paul) -  birded Green-wood and Prospect

65 - The Fledgling Allegiance - birded Prospect Park

TBA - Introduction to Birdwatching - Michele Dredger and team

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