Sunday, May 13, 2018

Post birdathon sunday

This chilly dreary day after Birdathon Saturday had few offerings except for MOURNING WARBLER . A personal walk I did had me exposed to raindrops but I was just happy getting out .

At Sylvan Water ,by the steep slope,a MOURNING WARBLER appeared. Daisy Lane tweeted out exactly where seen from Sylvan Ave and Oaken Bluff path. It eventually moved along the east slope of Syvlvan during mid-afternoon.

At Prospect Peninsula sumacs Grove,LINCOLN SPARROW is that spot's gem. Ed Crowne reported it this morning.

I ventured to the Peninsula in search of the Lincoln around noon. I might have flushed it near the asphalt road but it never showed.

Afterwards I searched the peninsula woods as rain felled heavier. I did record a NASHVILLE WARBLER,albeit too  brief,AMERICAN REDSTART, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH and YELLOW RUMPED WARBLER.

An interesting observation for me occurred at Upper Pool. At least 5 NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED SWALLOWS flew over the water against one BARN SWALLOW , obviously out matched!

Yesterday's birdathon results are still pending; as soon as Bobbi and crew tally the numbers,I'll post. Info was scant and I didn't summarize as obviously reticence ruled the day.