Monday, May 14, 2018

High Noon-"less" birding

The warblers pulled a fast draw, after an early morning initial report of 21 species reported by Ryan on Lookout Hill.

Ryan G reported 21 species warblers birding from the Wellhouse up to the Lookout Hill summit. Included were BLACKBURNIAN, CAPE MAY, TENNESSEE AND BAY BREASTED. But when I arrived there on my lunch hour, nary a warbler I could spot. They all disappeared.

While up on the hill,Lenny G tweeted a CANADA WARBLER seen well at the Esdale Bridge. Since it was dead up on "boot hill", why not? It's a new year species for me. So on the quicken pace I go and I arrived at the Esdale Bridge where a few other birders were posted. Sam pointed out the CANADA  flying back and forth across the creek right below the bridge's west side: gorgeous looks at a very close warbler. Then about 5 minutes later, Sam also pointed out a WILSON'S WARBLER on the south side of Esdale, perching upon various limbs where I was able to catch up with the fast bird and see it .So thanks to Sam for getting me two new warbler year species.

JF Lansdowne Print Book Plate Art, Canada Warbler