Thursday, May 10, 2018

Saturday's birdathon complete team bios

Please support the birdathon this Saturday for WINORR Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation run by Bobby and Cathy St Pierre. They are a terrific raptor- especially owls rescue tehab operation.

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The Beasts of Birdin' (Phil Davis, Kathy Willens and Tim Graves) We're a first-time team composed of birders who met each other on Dennis's Saturday walks. Will the white-hot crucible of the Birdathon forge us into an unconquerable unit? Only time will tell.  We'll be birding sunup to sundown all over Brooklyn.

The Timberdoodlers - (Bobbi Manian, Dennis Hrehowsik, Kristin Costello and Tom Preston) The Timberdoodlers will be sporting our old jerseys except for Tom (we only had time to knit one for our new teammate!) Our ears are finely tuned from years of leading BBC walks. The song birds don't stand a chance. Last bird we plan to hear will be Timberdoodle.

The Warbling Wanderers - (Rob Bate, Tracy Meade, Janet Zinn, Alan Baratz, Steve Nanz, Heidi Steiner, Marvin Baptiste) - will be scouring Prospect Park and Greenwood for all the warblers that are finally falling out of the sky

Laughing See Gulls (Karen O'Hearn, Chris Laskowski, Marc Brawer, Richard Payne and Ed Crowne) - We're knot veery much into planning, we're more about having fun.  With a flicker of hope, willet the birds lead us to the finch line.  Good Lark to the other teams! -The Laughing See Gulls - Chris, Marc, Karen, Richard and Ed

The Red-eyed Blearios (Chris Eliot, Heydi Lopes, Josh Malbin, Mike Yuan, Rob Jett, and Shane Blodgett) will be birding all of Kings County. For a brief time in the afternoon, they will be known as the Blue-gray Napcatchers.