Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday briefs

This morning Tom Stephenson led his usual walk fr the BBC. On a brief note , he reported a variety of warblers despite the rain, a good sign if you can hack the raindrops.  Variety included PRAIRIE,BLACKBURNIAN, BLACKPOLL,WILSONS & CHESTNUT SIDED.

Swallows and flycatchers were also noted. NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED, BARN and a good bird CLIFF. For flycatchers, ACADIAN,LEAST & YELLOW BELLIED tweeted their song..

Then a report from Sean Sime at  Lookout Hill's summit noted MOURNING WARBLER just past noon.

Two notable late afternoon flyovers occurred 21 minutes apart. At 422 Sean Sime watched an immature BALD EAGLE over Long Meadow.Then at 443 pm , Tripper Paul obsetvob a COMMON NIGHTHAWK above the Nethermead.