Saturday, May 5, 2018

Prospect hilights may 5

Greetings from Absecon,NJ day 2 of my BBC weekend

Hilight today was a KENTUCKY WARBLER frequenting the creek or path below the Nethermead bridge north side. It would fly along upstream the creek. See a post below on the latest tweet Adelia.Early morn a Kentucky likely the same one was found in the section below the water fountain ,or adjacent to Peninsula sumacs,west of Terrace bridge.

Both cuckoo species reported today. Yellow billed above Binnen Falls; Blackbilled along peninsula path on Terrace bridge south side. Then Blackbird do traveled to the cove thumb area.

A good variety of Warblers reported :CANADA,WILSONS ,TENNESEEE, late Louisiana, and rare CERULEAN above the Peninsula pink beach.Prothonotary at Peninsula facing Music Island.

Most interesting were two GROSBEAK. A Rose breasted was seen with Blue above in the tree canopy adjacent to three arches Nethermead bridge.

It appears the Nethermead arches and Peninsula were the hot spots.

Ok .sleep for me after a long day leading.