Friday, May 11, 2018

Very good day birding today

If you had to work today,well it's too bad . ( I did work so it hurts ).

From scattered reports today the total number of warblers in Prospect ranged between 15 to 20 species warblers. A Dawn Redwood tree below the Binnen Falls for example held 10 species in the early afternoon. Reports of BAY BREASTED, CANADA, BLACKBURNIAN, WILSONS,WORM EATING and so on filled the Prospect woods.

Other birds might have intrigued you as well. BLACK BILLED CUCKOO above the Maryland Monument stairs, lots of SCARLET TANAGERs and YELLOW THROATED VIREO are other notables.

Even other parks did well. Small patches like Brooklyn Bridge Park saw 14 species warblers.Owls Head Park saw HOODED WARBLER, BLACK BILLED CUCKOO  and INDIGO BUNTING.

Sorry for this very brief report but I'm leaving work at my usual 330 hour before I need to get home quick.

Tomorrow its rain showers. Though it might put a damper on birding sometimes you can get fallouts as rain forcesdown  incoming migrants .

The birdathon is tomorrow. Theres a casual Prospect walk to accompany the teams running around in a frenzy. Heres' the info below. Kindly show your support  funding the 2018 cause WINORR .                               
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MAY 12 @ 7:15 AM

Meet 7:15 at the Grand Army Plaza park entrance (Stranahan Statue)
Leader Paul Keim
Note: Participants can elect to support this year’s Birdathon beneficiary, WINORR, Wildlife In Need Of Rescue and Rehabilition. WINORR is the go-to organization in the metro area for rescuing, rehabbing and releasing wild birds, particularly raptors, that have suffered an injury or are in need of medical care.