Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday's toppers

These are one of those days where turning off my phone to focus on my work even as I worked in the park was necessary.Its a tough pill to swallow... But for the delight of other birders, its a top notched day for birding.

Topping the big bird report, there is a report of a flyover ANHINGA over the 3rd street Stone house in Park Slope. The Stone house holds exhibits of the Revolutionary War Battle of Brooklyn; so perhaps the Anhinga wanted to see that :). I hope to get more details on this great rarity if true.

prospect Lookout Hill held two termite hatch outs. One at the former goat pen, along the slope path from Maryland Monument ( per Karen O) ; then there was one the slope facing the Quaker Cemetery according to Ed Crowne.Chimney Swifts came down to the latter. There were multiple hatch outs of which I cannot pinpoint given lack of information.

Angie Co went birding this morning and found a few good birds.CANADA and BAY BREASTED WARBLERS were seen by West Island.Then she also found WHITE CROWNED SPARROW on Center Drive by the cemetery north corner at the bridle trail.

Joshua Malbin reported a BROADWINGED HAWK  flying above Midwood.Joshua also reported a calling YELLOW BELLIED FLYCATCHER with its 'turee" call at Lookout Hill's summit.

Speaking of flycatchers, Mike Yuan spotted a lazy OLIVE SIDED FLY CATCHER in a snag on Lookout Hills east slope above the Switchback Trail.

Prospect Park lists today : https://ebird.org/hotspot/L109516