Sunday, May 6, 2018

Prospect hilights may 6

Greetings traveling on the Garden State Parkway, completing my BBC weekend trip.

Today in Prospect,CERULEAN WARBLER continues to delight any. First heard in the big ash tree next to West Island on the east side,it sang well as it got closer to 3 sisters island. But there was also a report of one at the Peninsula pink beach.

Not as rare as Cerulean, Hooded Warbler on opposite path behind music pagoda is the other good bird. But better for it's countenance, KENTUCKY WARBLER stuck around at Ambergill pool area.Warbler diversity is high now; yesterday Mike Y saw 24 species, collective number much more by others

In the Vale Cashmere,a WHITE CROWNED SPARROW appeared. Continuing on sparrows,there's a LINCOLN SPARROW at Binnen bridge

Over at Greenwood cemetery JoshMalbinBirds says Cliff Swallow just flew over Battle Hill, heading Prospect-wards

Finally, an interesting report of an excellent rarity,yet confirmed of VARIED THRUSH ,a west USA coast species seen at Endale Arch. Here's the Ebird description by Jonathan Young:


Varied Thrush
Female varied thrush seen briefly in a tree by one of the bridges in Prospect Park Brooklyn. Pale brown plumage with soft orange bars. Aware that this is very uncommon and unusual on the east coast. I have checked all of my field guides and databases and have no alternative identification to offer. No picture