Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30th Prospect , a heat wave begins, some "hot" birds

Rising temperatures makes it uncomfortable to bird, so the early to bird, the better. Two "hot" birds to hi light today though one remains quite uncooperative and the other I gather , calling and happy to be seen.

Keir Randall heard the calling MOURNING WARBLER (MOWA) in the Vale of Cashmere , on the southeast slope, which surprisingly I thought by the way it was moving fast yesterday would skedaddle last night. Instead ,it opted to stay overnight ( likely cause its starved and exhausted). However, despite its short term calling , it was seen very briefly by Keir, and thereafter , elected to remain secretive and elusive along the east slope of the Vale.Most birders coming to look for it must have said "Drat " for its furtiveness.

On the contrary for another quality bird, a calling ALDER FLYCATCHER, oftentimes and best identified by its call note, was heard and seen by Shane Blodgett at the Maryland Monument. Several other birders reported seeing the bird as well.ALDER was also seen by Rob Jett, A second alder flycatcher closer to butterfly Meadow. Filling out the good flycatchers, Rob J reported as well Acadian flycatcher calling in the Ravine in Prospect Park

Oh , I forgot to mention that a BALD EAGLE flew over the Vale Cashmere during the MOWA search. Seen by Keir, Tom Stephenson and Rob Bate.

I also got a report of YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO presumably on Lookout HIll, per Peter Colen. See his photo link below of the bird and the Alder FC.

The heat wave begins...I am already dreaming of winter again.....



Peter Colen

Hey Peter,

Here are some of the birds from today..