Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Afternoon Lullwater south 7/3; Skimmer facts

A lone FORSTER's TERN was seen patrolling the waters in the same area as yesterdays Black Skimmer visitation, the latter species not seen today.GREEN HERON flew under the tern.


If anyone is curious what Black Skimmers eat:

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Feeding habits[edit]

Skimmers have a light graceful flight, with steady beats of their long wings. They feed usually in large flocks, flying low over the water surface with the lower mandible skimming the water (in order of importance) for small fish, insectscrustaceans and molluscs[4] caught by touch by day or especially at night.
They spend much time loafing gregariously on sandbars in the rivers, coasts and lagoons they frequent.