Monday, July 22, 2013

Article about prospect walking tour; early am briefer bird report

The following is about a walking tour in prospect, something to interest you since much of it are good birding trails:

Of interest this morning while I was making my rounds, two immature male /female type YELLOW WARBLERS (YEWA) were seen together in the heavy vine growth to the right of the Breeze Hill feeders site, at the top slope trail head. Makes me suspect if these are fledglings ? Did Prospect have a successful YEWA nest ?  ( some YEWA are known early migrants--yes in July-- but I strongly think these are "our" guys.

Over at the lake, "sandwiched" in the timeline between GREEN HERON (GRHE) sightings, a flying GREAT EGRET went towards Three Sisters, at the initial GRHE sighting , then after the egret sighting, two more GRHE flying south,  low above the lake surface along the west shore.Place is loaded with GRHE... ;)