Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer's delightful appearance of Black Skimmers July 2nd

For the past week or so, I was hoping to see Black Skimmer during my evening watches of Prospect Lake. It "turns" ( oh that too , terns last night at Three Sisters ,reported by Dennis Hrehowsik , species undetermined) out that my timing was wrong !..

This morning while checking on fence that has been a frequent target by fishermen at the Peninsula , I spotted a lone BLACK SKIMMER working along the south Lullwater south of the Terrace Bridge. When I got to the "pink " beach, it was instead "triplets" !  Three BLACK SKIMMERS graceful flight and all, a sight to see, finally here in the early summer days of Prospect. Its likely this species will come back again now that they have discovered good feeding here at Prospect.Enjoy the spectacle if it is so.

Observers Peter D, Karen O'Hearn, Rob Bate

video cell phone shot by me :

Photos from Karen O'Hearn