Thursday, July 25, 2013

Early signs of fall migration+ the regulars in Prospect

KB note: all entries regarding bird reports is noted by the date above( automatically by blogger  ) unless its from another day, then noted in the post title. Saves my redundancy.

The signs of fall migration is revealing itself whether we anticipate it or not looking forward to it.( I mean wasn't spring just yesterday ?) In any case, its coming . Reports of LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH on the Lake south shore and SPOTTED SANDPIPER on the Peninsula shore are early observations today .

Bobbi Manian reported ( or technically speaking, tweeted ) the LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH around noon, on the lake shore just east of Three Sisters Island. The first of Prospect's fall season,this is the typical earlier waterthrush of the two species seen . The first Northerns comes in August. ( and sometimes harder to distinguish with immature birds)

After seeing the Duck Island sightings, I found a SPOTTED SANDPIPER flushed from the Peninsula Meadow shoreline, heading towards Three Sisters. Regulars ( for this summer only) of LEAST TERNs ( 2 seen) , LAUGHING GULLS, and and flyover GREAT BLUE HERON were lake observations. On Duck Island, a delight to see 2 GREEN HERONS, 3 WOOD DUCKS under the willow tree, and an unexpected BELTED KINGFISHER , all seen from the Peninsula point.