Sunday, May 25, 2014

The slowdown, the end is near

When I ventured over to Greenwood Cemetery to look for the Lark Sparrow, my observation was there were so few birds. The reality begins to set in that spring migration is coming to an end. You will see warblers here and there, and of course the breeding birds.But numbers were a huge drop off today.

There was no Lark Sparrow despite my diligent search in the south flats. Essentially the cemetery was a dead zone. The only great stuff still going on was over at Prospect Park.

MOURNING WARBLERs continually are a show.The one over at Lookout Hill behind Center Drive junction was spotted by Steve Nanz; the north Midwood bird was spotted by Janet Zinn and Alan Baratz along a short trail that ended at the broken closed off Tunnel Arch stairs. I was over there later to look but no luck.

The BLUE GROSBEAK appeared again, but this time in a new location,inside the Quaker Cemetery gate on Center drive. During his spot, Keir watched an over head BROADWINGED HAWK.

OLIVE SIDED FLYCATCHER continues its own presence as well. There is one at the southeast Butterfly meadow snag, witnessed by Jim Merwin several times. Then there is new at the Vale of Cashmere northeast snag.

Keep on looking if slowness doesn't bother you and nice days beckon .There is bound to be birds dragging themselves to the finish line...