Friday, October 16, 2015

numbers and shining BBG grasslands

Today I saw some numbers but not regarding the expected sparrows.Instead in Prospect its about RUBY CROWNED KINGLETS and Blackbird species. Then reports continued of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Native flora section with those rarities with one rarity apparently gone.

I noted the influx of RUBY CROWNED KINGLET. A visit to the sparrowbowl north of the tennis house led to my witnessing at least ten kinglets. Most were alighting in one almost leafless tree.Several other locations also showed kinglet numbers.

Then there was the blackbird. About 8 30 , flocks of blackbirds likely a mixed group flew over the garage area at 9th street.Later at the transverse path across the Long Meadow at the west woods adjacent the drive, COMMON GRACKLES flew thru the woods and I see a good number of them on the ground, shifting through the leaf clutter.October is renown for blackbird migration.Hope you get to witness those big migrating movements..sometimes its awe inspiring.

A good note with ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER in Prospect : two reports surfaced. Kathy Toomey reported one at the trail head at the edge of Sullivan hill  across from Nellie's Lawn. Linda Ewing also mentioned the continuing one at Butterfly Meadow. I keep missing my opportunities with my work load and disinterested desire to go far on my lunch hour.

My personal surprise occurred in the pothole along Quaker Cemetery west . Walking on the mulch trail as we set down new plants, a male HOODED WARBLER just mere feet away Popped in view.I didn't have my binoculars but the bird was unmistakable; totally unexpected as the bird flew into the brush afterwards.

Meanwhile, the BBGarden grassland section at the Native flora site continues to shine. Though the Dickcissel looks like it fled despite a number of birders looking, no mind as the BLUE GROSBEAK persisted and a new really good one , CLAY COLORED SPARROW. In a space of two days,I believe a total of ten sparrow species visited this spectacular little spot.. I believe  Saturday morning might be free before noon ,otherwise its $12 admission.