Tuesday, October 27, 2015

transitions; BBG native flora

By late October ,the too short sparrow season gives way to the ducks. Yes, sparrows are still around but fewer and fewer are seen. The afternoon saw both in evidence at Prospect Lake, A tweet later reported two good birds at Brooklyn Botanic Garden ( BBG).

From my vantage point at the Peninsula, I spotted a solitary drake HOODED MERGANSER among the RUDDY DUCKS near West Island. A scan leftward, two hen BUFFLEHEADs hanging out with some NORTHERN SHOVELERS. The Shovelers reached a total about 70 whearas the Ruddies nearly 45.

BBG's native flora sections stays hot with birds reported by Will Pollard. He observed ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER & CLAY COLORED SPARROW in likely both sections or the grassland area.