Thursday, October 22, 2015

prospect lake buildup, red head woodpecker

The lake is building up with  RUDDY DUCKS, with NORTHERN SHOVELER near half the flock size. I counted 62 RUDDY and nearby in the near lake center,, 27 SHOVELERS. A Lone DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT waded in dead center.

Will Pollard came thru with a good bird n Greenwood Cemetery this late afternoon, a RED HEADED WOODPECKER.At Greenborough and Atlantic Aves is the reported spot.See the map on the side link. A photo of the juvenile bird appears on the Facebook Brooklyn Urban Birders group.

Some additional activity up in Butterfly Meadow,the regular sparrows but not in sizable numbers. My best bird was a NASHVILLE WARBLER spotted at the slope dirt track, in the locust grove between the meadows.

Tomorrow I'm on the road again ,leading the bird club on its weekend trip to Jersey highlands.WiFi may be limited or blog reports delayed.Follow the twitter network.Or the Prospect daily above.

A most impressive morning sighting in this October  blackbird migration month,over 1300 COMMON GRACKLES with some other blackbird species flying down Prospect Park Southwest Ave  by 16th street. Keep your eyes up!

Have a good weekend.