Thursday, October 15, 2015

the big push, BBG rarities

It was evident this early morning that a large infusion of sparrows occurred overnight.Somehow the north wind forecast escaped me .The best numbers thus far this sparrowy fall today might have pleased many as a terrific diversity of sparrows and rare birds appeared in both Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanic Garden ( BBG) .But I have to say this: wow what a place the BBG grassland native section is ! It was hopping  and sparrowly in there.

The good vision by the BBG planners in expanding their forested native garden to a grassland Pine Barrens section paid wonders.The fruit of their vision has created a dense little pocket of native grass species within a plot small enough for birders to reap rewards. Today an example of that success was two DICKCISSELS , BLUE GROSBEAK, and at least 8 species sparrows that included a VESPER SPARROW,WHITE CROWNED & FIELD. For Warblers, a PRAIRIE and TENNESSEE WARBLER as well surfaced.  Nearby in the old section, an ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER sipped from the pond. Sparrows simply flew all over the place in that special place.

But the special birds were the one ( later two) DICKCISSEL and the immature BLUE GROSBEAK. They followed each other .At one point ,at the top trail both birds were on the same grass stalk and the birders present saw this combination several times in and around the circular center plaza in the grassland section.A treat to watch.

Meanwhile, Prospect Park also rein in rare species spotted by others as I worked all day. I received reports from the BBC Walk of RED HEADED WOODPECKER by the Picnic House, EASTERN MEADOWLARK, another VESPER SPARROW in the Sparrowbowl north of the Tennis House, and ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER in Butterfly Meadow. This morning the latter was active with numerous birds, with PINE WARBLER added to the Orange crowned. I will be receiving a list from Tom Stephenson who was out all day birding 9 hours after his 3 hr 7:15 start.

Anytime my twitter account buzzes plenty, its A great day !
Note : Vesper Sparrow also at Bush Terminal Park with high activity of birds per RBate.