Saturday, October 17, 2015

sparrow fest

Despite reduced numbers, the diversity of sparrows remains strong. Both Prospect and Greenwood Cemetery had different stories but regardless,fall's icons put on their show..

Topping the sparrow list ,two rare species, both at Prospect and late bloomers. First rare sparrow report came from Dennis Hrehowsik just after 6 pm, a sighting of LARK SPARROW on the south lawn of the Lefrak Rink. I assume this is along the green roof edges. Second rare species is CLAY COLORED SPARROW  ,about 15 minutes later , tweeted by Monica Berger, a bird seen on Nellie's lawn. Perhaps it's the one from the BBG Grassland yesterday as Nellie's is right across from there. Today was Dennis last BBC fall walk so a list is pending.

Meanwhile over at Greenwood Cemetery,I met up with Mary Eyster.Though the rarest of the ten sparrow species was LINCOLNS,FIELD   and WHITE CROWNED, we enjoyed a spectacle of different sparrow species.Most surprisingly it was a small plant plot at Valley Water that had a good diversity dominated by SWAMP. At the southwest corner of the Valley water , marked by boulders, two FIELDS and at least 6 SWAMPS hid within but did come out when it was quiet. The WHITE CROWNED was seen by Battle Hill Kiamie crypt slope and another at Sylvan Water . I was told CHIPPING had good numbers earlier.

At Dellwater, we both enjoyed a pair of NASHVILLE WARBLERS in a willow, with BLACKPOLL and lots of PALMS. WARBLER diversity is dropping.

  Raptors over Greenwood were evident. All three falcon species appeared,including a MERLIN with a missing wing feather. But raptor numbers are very low...