Monday, November 27, 2017

Prospect lake waterfowl

Today's waterfowl includes a little variety,scattered but easily seen with a little walking for the ducks.

A run in with birder Brad Vardt started off with info on WOOD DUCK and RINGNECKED DUCK. Both drakes,the Wood was in the Duck Island channel by the shelter; the Ringnecked somewhere by Duck island closer to the Peninsula.

After my work day, I spotted HOODED MERGANSERS. Initially fooling me from the distance as the two drakes were in line with my vision ,I thought they were Buffleheads. But a farther walk down the lake western shore,and waning softer light enabled me to make the correct identification . A hen accompanied the males.

During this time,I could see all the NORTHEN SHOVELERS farther out and quite scattered. All of them were busy feeding,doing their swirls. It's a real phenomenon,but I'm glad to see the species making Prospect lake their winter mainstay.