Sunday, November 26, 2017

Prospect weekend summary

A quiet weekend regarding overall bird activity except for the three rare species that motivated some Prospect birders .

Most needed to focus on only the west shore of Prospect Lake. Within a stretch of about 800 feet,one could find CACKLING GOOSE, BALTIMORE ORIOLE & BLUE WINGED TEAL.

The CACKLING GOOSE,one being seen as of today,hung within the Lake southwest section between West & 3 Sisters islands.

The Baltimore Oriole reappeared in the Sweetgums tree trove by West Islands rustic shelter,along the bridle trail ;This report from Kathy Toomey { note another oriole seen in Brooklyn bridge park by Heather Wolf today}

And last,the Blue winged Teal hen continues to mingle with the Shoveler flock in the Lake's northwest section,near Well Drive T- junction.

There you have it. Here's hoping for a good week.