Thursday, November 30, 2017

Prospect Pintail

Though not flagged as rare by Cornell's Ebird, the Northern Pintail in Prospect Park is in my opinion rare.I simply don't hear much of this species in Prospect.

Ethan Dropkin found the good bird past 8 am  in a pond that too doesn't see rare ducks,a hen NORTHERN PINTAIL in Upper Pool.Just a walk south from the Tennis House mansion,the small pond hosted the handsome duck as it slept with Mallards. As of 3pm, it was still present near the Ravine side of the Pool .

By my account this Pintail represents the 15th duck species of this fall. 20 duck species in a single season (carrying over to winter in a manner of speaking) is a huge longshot, unlikely unattainable but who knows what nature brings in? We just need more birders looking.

UPDATE: Based on latest photos,there's speculation over the gender,perhaps an immature / nonbreeding Drake. The bill color is the key. ( More bluish indicates male) .Non breeding drakes also have darker backs as today's bird shows.So pending more deeper looks or better photos from others. ( But it appears to be a Drake based on one photo I received on Twitter)