Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving birds

At last report on this feast day,I can assert that there were no Wild Turkeys running loose. 😚

A top bird though was a hen BLUE WINGED TEAL. Found by Karen O'Hearn, the duck hung with the swirling Northern Shovelers in the Lake,'s northwest corner ,near Well Drive T- junction.

I heard a second hand report of one CACKLING GOOSE at the Parade Grounds. The field just east of the Tennis bubble was the feast ground.

It's all negative on the Common Gallinule,not seen since Tuesday I believe.Theres a number of birders looking but no sign of the water bird. Perhaps I'll wait for Ebird reports later.

A LAUGHING GULL was spotted on the Lake. There was a debate on its initial identity but it's safe to say it's a LAGU.

In wooded areas,a few Kinglets,Brown Creeper and some Fox Sparrows looked for their food. The Fox Sparrows visited Binnen creek just below the Three Arches bridge according to some birders I met.