Sunday, April 25, 2021

All things yellow...

Sunday was marked by birds sporting yellow,namely Warblers and a vireo. And they occurred in a few local spots.

The most frequent species happened to be Yellow Throated Warbler. First spotted by Ryan M at the corner of Southwood and Locust Ave in Greenwood Cemetery, it reappeared after its 245 sighting on Ocean Hill reported by Ryan G. The latter sighting was near the Whitney Mauseleum situated at the hard curve of Atlantic Ave on that high ridge. Another spot we never hear much of is Ridgewood Reservoir where another YTWA showed up south of one of the pools as reported by Eric M.

Then there is the Prothonotary Warbler. This golden yellow bird happened upon the scene seen by Kathy T briefly on the Peninsula point of Prospect Park this afternoon . Also in Ridgewood Reservoir another Prothonotary hit the same spot as the aforementioned Yellow throated Warbler, observer also Queen's bird master Eric M.

Last is Yellow throated VIREO; this quality bird was seen on Sylvan Water northwest ridge.

Well I have to break the yellow streak . I saw a Northern Rough winged Swallow flying all over Prospect Lake. It ain't yellow but it's my first of season....