Saturday, April 24, 2021

Saturdays migration stall

There are two sides of the coin when spring winds are north,a cold front in progress. One is that migration stalls as birds flying north don't want to be resisted; the other side is if migrants- especially good birda-are already on the ground,they unlikely will go on and staying put.

So it was much to my delight and happiness that Greenwood Cemetery's Worm eating Warbler stayed put the third straight day at Crescent Water.I was there first thing in the morning but saw no action. It was an hour later when it warmed up and I returned that my friend Joe said it was in the same crabapple tree at Crescents west shore. So I didn't have to walk away in a crabby mood😂.. The gorgeous warbler also visited a second crabapple on the pond shorewest side,in front of the Wyeth crypt. I'm glad it stuck around.

Meanwhile over in Prospect two southern standouts didn't migrate either. Obviously they would have move on if winds were southerly. The Prothonotary warbler was loyal to Three Sisters Island mainland till it eventually moves to West Island at last report. Then the second good bird Yellow throated Warbler stayed true to the Peninsula Thumb woods, along the dirt trail from the thumb cove towards the meadow.

A last note: at Lake Avenue north of GWC Sylvan Water,I spotted several photographers clicking away. And what do you know? I just saw my first of season fave Prairie Warbler in an oak tree. 

There will be more reports later particularly Dennis's BBC Saturday walk. I'll check the list later and summarize then. Right now it's my young great niece s birthday to celebrate.