Friday, April 30, 2021

Exceptional birding friday

A few standouts today to end the workweek with Evening Grosbeak, Redheaded Woodpecker and Summer Tanager highlighting the day.

Around noon today, a female EVENING GROSBEAK was reported on Prospects Peninsula near the Wellhouse. In a tweet from JJ the photo shows the bird perched on a phragmite stalk. See the previous post.

The Peninsula--despite its degraded habitat from too many people and high number off leashed dogs --continues to attract birds. With Spotted Sandpipers on the shorelines there was an adult REDHEADED WOODPECKER spotted high between the point (rustic shelter) and along the dirt trail before the "Thumb". It eventually flew off towards Duck Island.  Another Redheaded was reported near the Greenwood Cemetery catacombs.

Greenwood had its second really good bird with a molting SUMMER TANAGER. The location for birders was the Dellwater where the tanager was observed sometimes at the water edge.

Dellwater became the cemetery hotspot. Along with Summer Tanager, a female HOODED WARBLER and an adult WHITE CROWNED SPARROW popped up there.Great Crested Flycatcher also appeared.

And the last good bird besides regular stuff on this windy day, a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER continues to be seen in Prospects south Lullwater near the Terrace Bridge.

A cold day tomorrow morning with overnight north winds may mean these birds may stick around. 

Have a good boiding weekend. 🐦. -kb