Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I was so excited my hearing aid battery died!

Following up on Trippers report on the Prothonotary warbler at Three Sisters islands just after 6 pm, I made a slow mad dash for it. I go slower as I aged.😉

Arriving at the mainland directly across from Three Sisters, I saw my friend Paul Sweet. Expecting to see the Prothonotary up above in the Tulip ( that sometimes they do), instead I hear after my inquiry,he says "there's a YELLOW THROATED WARBLER up there.".. Darn, I'm getting real lucky now . And sure enough after Paul points at the midstory branch, I see the bird. Then he says the Prothonotary is right below in the crabapple.

After maybe half a minute, Paul points again at a spot in the red petal crabapple tree ,its branches extending over the water, and lo I got my target the Prothonotary. And spectacular good looks it was,perching among picturesque blossoms.

About several minutes later,my hearing aid  battery dies. I turned to Paul and said, " I'm so excited getting these two great birds that my battery dies!".

Thanks Paul for all the help 😊.

The Prothonotary hung around longer where I was able to see it well on the shoreline; it bathe for 20 seconds before hopping up to low branches. The Yellow Throated moved on after our initial sighting..But that's fine: With work commitment while reading tweets on these rare Warblers, I finally get lucky,seeing both rare Warblers  seconds apart. Go figure.