Thursday, August 11, 2022

Fwd: Pop Up Morning Flight Watch at Jamaica Bay with Doug Gochfeld

Pop Up Morning Flight Watch at Jamaica Bay with Doug Gochfeld.


Saturday August 13th 6AM. meet at North Channel Bridge Parking lot. No registration required.


The calendar says summer, but as far as many birds are concerned, autumn has arrived! Meet the first “cold front” of the fall on Saturday morning at Jamaica Bay, and join Doug Gochfeld for some early season morning flight birding. While the volume of birds may not be what it is later in the season, we’re hoping for early-migrating warblers that are missed during migration watches later on in the season. We’ll be trying to see and identify small migrant birds in flight, and hopefully the north winds will give us plenty of chances to try, learn, and try again. This will take place as a stationary count, as we wait for the birds to fly by us, so there will be no hiking involved for this activity. 


The parking lot gate for the North Channel bridge (we'll be at the one on the east side of Cross Bay Blvd.) parking lot is usually closed until 6 AM, and this event will last for a couple of hours, depending on how the activity is. If you’re looking to extend your birding and shift gears from songbirds to shorebirds, the Jamaica Bay Shorebird Festival takes place just down the road at 9 AM this morning as well.