Sunday, August 14, 2022

Just a start..

Seeing that a spurt of warblers started yesterday,it was ideal with a desire to do something :go for a birding walk. Of course, Prospect was close by and that seemed the best course.

It was unproductive the first hour . Western Lullwater, good yesterday, showed nothing today. Retracing my steps towards Terrace Bridge,I ran into Alex R. I mentioned that fall migration on the Peninsular can be productive even late in the day because the Peninsula is like a migrant trap. And so with Alex's s help, we saw three warbler species. It's not much but this early in August, I'll take it.

In the peninsula cove on lullwater side, Alex spots the first warbler, a Northern Waterthrush. It walked atop a fallen tree just above water. While we looked vainly where the Waterthrush went, above an American Redstart , a"Yellow start" more like it, went in and out of foliage;it's tough with these fall warblers!

Proceeding farther we stopped in the Peninsula thumb,site of the last warbler.And again Alex spots an immature or female
Yellow Warbler that I got good looks in the Willow Oak.

 It's sort of nostalgic even though I've seen these warblers so many times, the magic of fall migration - my favorite time- never gets old.