Thursday, September 26, 2013

Connecticut Warbler analysis

In a remarkable occurrence, the latest bird is a second different CONNECTICUT WARBLER that visited the exact same area as the first. Must be a magical spot. According to Dennis who saw both birds, this latest bird was lighter. Peter Colen showed me photos of the bird seen farther up the path from the map link I pin dot.

New birder Gus emailed me saying he believed he saw the bird  up the west mid slope trail . 1/2 way to Center Drive. So...if the bird is around, your best bet is along these trails starting at the big Silver Maple near the map "pin"

photos by Peter Colen later, no time  before work

Note from Ghassan Gus Keriaky

Hi Peter:
My name is Gus. We have met very briefly during one of Tom's walks.
I read your note today about the Connecticut Warbler and thought about e-mailing to you about my own experience. I think I saw this bird.
Yesterday after the end of the walk I went to my car using the mulch trail at the west side of the Lookout Hill; just above the West Drive. In the middle of that path I saw a bird that has the features of Connecticut Warbler (gray head with yellow body and olive green back and wings with white eye ring.)
The location was about the middle of the pathway between the Northern-Western stairs (first stairs on the Center Drive) and the southern-Western stairs of the Lookout Hill.
In the same spot, I also saw a Blue-Wing Warbler just few yards south of the Connecticut Warbler. The time was around 3 pm.
because I am new to birding (and I was alone with no one else to confirm my observation) I don't want you to take my words as a fact. But, may be, you might consider this pathway on your next walk.