Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunset Park; "speak of the devil"

Just a few blocks west of Greenwood Cemetery on the high terminal moraine Ridge in line with 7th and 6th Avenues lie 25 acre Sunset Park with spectacular views of NY harbor and city skyscrapers. Its alos a likely good spot  for migration though it lacks understory. However if you don't mind "warbler nectitis", you could get warblers.

This morning , Mary Eyster , a new resident of the Sunset Park area reported 7 species warblers in 30 minutes plus 2 raptors. ( of course, its high ground and winds bounce up..hmm maybe a hawk watch sometime there)

The warblers were CHESTNUT-SIDED,PINE,BLACK-THROATED BLUE,COMMON YELLOWTRHOAT,BLACK& WHITE,MAGNOLIA & last BAY-BREASTED. The raptors were OSPREY & SHARP-SHINNED HAWK. Not bad for a parkie not a resident near Prospect.


"Speaking of the devil" [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speak_of_the_devil ] , meaning at the moment or relevancy to a topic just mentioned, James Sevigny sent me a photo of the female BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER pecking at the Kusa Dogwood fruit I mentioned in my previous post "Center of the Universe"  . It was taken earlier this morning before I saw that bird. Check it out. Go to that post below.

( as well as his Broad-winged Hawk from Sunday)