Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prospect,the crowds,an early exit

A big Nickelodeon event on the Nether Mead,busy busy roads of trucks and bikes, and far above average crowds provided an early exit--early in,early out for me--but not before getting two good birds.

I am not one liking too much noise or crowds movement when it comes to quiet birding.Along the way,early though, I spotted OLIVESIDED FLYCATCHER atop a snag at the Wellhouse.Then up Butterfly meadow where I ran into Mike Yuan & Bob Washburn.Shortly after we spotted the still present BLUE GROSBEAK  at the top of the dirt track path thru Lookout hill slope between the summit meadows.It stayed abit at one spot at the track edge.Eating grass blades,it didn't stick around for the BBC walk led by Steve Nanz.

It was quiet regarding birds this morning.I had some activity behind the lamppost 249 tables,a BLACKPOLL WARBLER & BLUEHEADED VIREO .Then as human caused noise increased,I was outta there by 9 am. Oh at the lake I spotted 11 NORTHERN SHOVELERS in the lake middle.And what I thought was funny, a SPOTTED SANDPIPER on a driftwood. ( think it needs oars ?)

More later today.