Monday, September 30, 2013

Prospect: "Rail heaven"

Barely three days after the Virginia Rail Friday event on the Peninsula marsh opposite the Well house, who would have believe that another rail species in almost the same exact spot ?

Klemens Gasser , a newcomer on the Prospect scene, and resident of Lefferts Garden  is the "Man of the Hour". Putting in a long day birding on this slow day , obviously the result of a long stretch of southern warm wind flow , found the second rail species in under three days in the adjoining marsh to the left of the Virginia rail spot : a SORA RAIL.

The marsh is the next one down the Peninsula shoreline by the dirt track, 500 feet from the Well house. Look for the yellow Caution tape I tied to the Mulberry tree low branch.Sit on the edge or stoop  to look in.

A number of birders came a.k.a  "flash mob" and were able to observe the SORA , feeding within the reeds, occasionally coming out to the open mudflat under the large mulberry tree. Rob Bate was able to get some pics.

So, kudos to Klemens, kudos to Kathy Toomey for getting Prospect two rail species in a very short duration. I cannot remember Prospect having two different rail species in any migration season , let alone just a few days apart. Its what I call "Hot times rolling".

Other  news regarding songbirds is that, slow. But some single pickups of BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER at the short steps below the Maryland Monument is the best  to count. I thought the elm tree at the Nethermead triangle ( center of the meadow) was the hottest thing going , with 5 RUBY CROWNED KINGLETS, some YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS and the yellow race PALM WARBLERS until I got Bobbi's text message of the rail report. I didn't run, but bide my time as I stopped to see warblers and raptors along the way, including circling SHARP-SHINNED HAWK & AMERICAN KESTREL at the Maryland Monument .

So, as the Brooklyn legendary birder Marty Sohmer always said "Nothing like a Good bird turning a dull day into a good one"  was so true today.

Here's the link to the updated map for the SORA ; on the map I used to pinpoint the Virgina Rail